KDR Output Load Reactor

Optimized Load Reactors

Extend the Life of the Motor on the Output

  • Dampen Overshoot Peak Voltage
  • Reduce Motor Heating
  • Reduce Audible Noise
  • RoHS Compliant

Dampen Overshoot Peak Voltage

KDR Optimized Drive Reactors may be used at the output of AC-PWM variable frequency drives where the motor lead lengths are less than 100 feet. The addition of a KDR unit to the output of a drive will dampen overshoot peak voltage, reduce motor heating and audible noise, helping to extend the life of the motor.


Voltage Before KDR

Voltage After KDR


Reduce Voltage Spikes

The units will also help prevent inverter instantaneous overcurrent trips because they provide needed inductance when the load on an inverter has an abnormally high capacitance. The 100 foot guideline has been recommended because as motor leads become longer, the resonant frequency is lowered, and the magnitude and duration of the voltage spikes increases.

For lead lengths exceeding 100 feet, TCI offers V1k Output Filters and KMG MotorGuard High Performance Output Filters for long lead motor protection needs.