Motor Protection Products

MotorGuard Sine Wave Filter (KMG)

MotorShield Sine Wave filter (MSN)

KMG with PQconnect sine wave filter converts the
PWM wave form to a near sinusoidal wave form by
eliminating the carrier frequency. PQconnect connectivity detects thermal switch alerts, monitors the filter performance, and verifies voltage distortion is at a recommended level.

TCI’s MotorShield (MSD) sine wave filters are used
on the output of a VFD/drive to filter the PWM carrier
frequency converting it into a clean voltage waveform.
The MSD is suitable for carrier frequencies from 2 – 16
kHz. The MotorShield sine wave filter offers an added level of protection to your motor with minimal voltage drop.

V1K dV/dt filter

Output Line Reactors

V1K dV/dt filter provides motor protection by limiting voltage spikes to below 1,000 V for applications with leads lengths greater than 100 ft. 1 The V1K filter greatly extends the life of the motor and cable.

KDR line reactors are electrical components that help to protect 6-pulse rectifiers and power conversion devices such as variable frequency drives (VFDs). When used in conjunction with a VFD, a KDR line reactor can help reduce harmonics and protect the drive from harmful voltage spikes.