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Q: Are communication and control features available with the HGA?
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A: Yes, communication options include Modbus RTU over RS485 and EtherNet/IP. The HGA now includes a large, 6”, 65k color HMI Operator Interface which allows users to quickly and easily set-up, monitor performance and remotely control the active filter for superior control and performance.
Q: Can HGA settings be changed to fix displacement power factor before reducing harmonics?
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A: The HGA filter’s programming can be changed to accommodate the adjustment in primary functions; however, this would become a custom filter.
Q: Can the HGA be applied on systems containing DC drives?
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A: The HGA is not currently configured to operate on DC converter loads.
Q: Is startup factory commissioning required for the HGA?
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A: Factory commissioning is not required. The HGA should be fully operational immediately upon installation per the guidelines within the Installation, Operation, & Maintenance manual.
Q: Will the HGA correct displacement power factor?
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A: The HGA will keep the current in phase with the line voltage, however, if it reaches full capacity, the distortion power factor will increase and the total power factor (KW/KVA) will decrease from unity. If additions to the system cause the HGA to reach full capacity, additional HGA units can be installed to correct the situation.