Harmonic Filter Solutions

HarmonicGuard Active Filter (HGA)

HarmonicGuard Passive Filter (HGP)

The HGA filter is an elite system-applied harmonic filter that minimizes harmonics to less than 5% total demand distortion (TDD) at the point of common coupling. By injecting a counter-current, the active filter cancels out harmonics and synchronizes the current and voltage waveforms while improving power factor to near unity.

The HGP with PQconnect filter is a drive applied passive harmonic filter that limits current distortion to less than 5% at low loads. The filter provides connectivity to monitor power quality and control the filter using Modbus RTU or Bluetooth technology.

HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance Filter (HGL)

HarmonicShield Filter (HSD)

The HGL with PQconnect is the first intelligent low capacitance filter to offer harmonic mitigation while providing less capacitance to the system. It features generator compatibility with intelligence, eliminating any worry over leading power factor or excess kVARs interfering with your generator.

The HarmonicShield offers industry leading 5% THID performance even at light loads and under the harshest of conditions. The HSD is a cost effective solution to meet IEEE-519 compliance for harmonic mitigation.