What is included with the HG7 Power Monitor Option?

The Power Monitor package includes contactors and filter monitoring equipment. For units rated at 60 horsepower and below, the XM package utilizes indicator lights for filter operation and fuse failure. From 75 HP through 350 HP, the XM package uses the HG2™ Protection Monitor/Harmonic-Power Factor meter. The HG2™ Monitor Board displays operating information such as ITHD, VTHD, total filter amps, true power factor, and a series of fault and protection codes including over-current, over-voltage, and phase imbalance. It is also a programmable safety monitor, capable of bringing the filter off-line in a fault condition, or when the drive goes into a fault condition. For those applications that require the removal of capacitance for the start-up of stand-by generators, the contactors can remove the harmonic duty capacitors. Above 400 HP, the XM package includes a monitor board which has indicator lights to advise the mode of operation and when a fault should occur.