I have a harmonic limit requirement for my facility. What size HG7 filter do I use?

The best way to address specification and harmonic limits is to do a proper analysis of your power system to establish a base line value of the harmonics presently on the power system at the point of common coupling, (PCC). Once that value is found, a proper solution can be formulated for your facility. For specifications that state a specific value at the drive or filter terminals, TCI can typically provide an HG7 that will meet the limits of most power quality specifications. Most industry power quality people today rely on the committee studies and findings of IEEE. The guideline that IEEE established is their standard 519-1992. TCI complies with this standard on the HG7 drive-applied harmonic filter when the customer evaluates the harmonic content at the point of the drive or filter terminals. This standard has reached an industry wide level of acceptance, and most power quality Engineers will reference this standard and openly accept the performance of the TCI HG7 filter for drive applied applications. For additional information of IEEE-519 requirements and how the TCI HG7 filter complies, contact the TCI Technical Support staff or you local TCI Territory Manager.