How can a harmonic filter improve my system power factor?

“Real” or True power is used to perform real work. Inductive loads require Real and Reactive power. Utilities provide apparent power. Apparent power is a geometric combination of Real and Reactive (or imaginary) power. Reactive power performs no work. However, the flow of reactive current, a component of reactive power, does consume energy as it passes through resistive elements of the power system, thus reducing overall system efficiency. This reactive power is used to generate magnetic fields within motors, transformers, and other magnetic devices. Reactive power, combined with harmonic currents, contribute to poor power factor in electrical systems. The capacitors inherent in the HG7 design supply the necessary reactive power so the utility doesn’t have to. The reduction in harmonic currents further improves the ratio of active power to apparent power. This overall improvement to true power factor assists in the efficient operation of facilities and the avoidance of possible fines due to poor power factor.