Can I order an HG7 with custom features not listed in the brochure?

TCI builds custom equipment for many customers and OEMs. It is in the best interest of everyone that a standard product be selected if possible. Often times, a small, seemingly simple modification can require added Engineering design time, drawings, and a list of special parts to be added. This results in added cost and lead time to acquire the equipment. TCI is sensitive to the needs of the application and suggests the solution product that is the most readily available and cost effective for the customer. If the standard product is not suited for the application or the customer requires special modifications, the TCI Technical Support staff can make suggestions and present ideas for the best solution available. TCI is interested in hearing the needs and requirements of our customers. Contact TCI at (414) 357-4480 or (800) TCI-8282 for more information on power quality and harmonic mitigation equipment.