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HGL HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance

Our HarmonicGuard Low Capacitance filter (HGL) adds to our line of options for passive filters. The HGL was designed to be compatible with 5%THD performance.

The introduction of the HGL addresses concerns of excess capacitance in generators. Excess capacitance can cause problems such as:

  • Causing leading Power Factor
  • Creating over-excitation in a generator
  • Controling both power factor and harmonics together

The Low Capacitance filter reduces the amount of reactive power and enables lower power, lower cost generators to be used.

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The HarmonicShield offers industry leading 5% iTHD performance even at light loads and under the harshest of conditions. The HSD is a cost effective and simplified design that increases drive up-time and eliminates nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.